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Welcome to the Cerus Campus

Your video library for expert views and insights on blood safety

Introducing the Cerus Campus, a central source for videos with information and insights on the field of blood safety, featuring medical professionals from around the globe. Here you’ll find presentations and videos from leading experts on a range of topics, including blood safety, cost-effective solutions to prevent TTI, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on blood supply.

With the goal to share new findings, discoveries and opinions directly from medical professionals, the Cerus Campus is a valuable source of information.
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Expert views / Library


Stanford Blood Center - the first blood center of its size to implement pathogen reduction for 100% of platelet components

Stanford Blood Center
California, United States



Production and in vitro quality of pooled whole blood derived PI plasma

Dr. sc. nat. David Goslings, MBA
Blood Transfusion Service Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland



What does published literature tell us about the clinical efficacy of INTERCEPT treated platelets?


Dr. Joan Cid Vidal
Hospital ClínicBarcelona, Spain




Evolution of the level of blood safety and impact on patient safety: a historic perspective

Dr. Tor Hervig
Haugesund Hospital / University of Bergen
Bergen, Norway



Bacterial contamination rate of platelet components by primary culture and residual risk associated with false negatives: results from two recent

Dr. Ryan A. Metcalf
University of Utah and ARUP Laboratories
Utah, USA



Ordering platelet concentrates: does pathogen inactivation matter to the clinician?

Prof. Dr. Helmut Ostermann
LMU Kliniken, University of Munich
Munich, Germany


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