The Triple Storage Processing Set allows you to double or triple the output from a single pathogen inactivation process, saving on disposables, production time and shortening overall time of release.

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Why the time to take action is now

Consider these facts:

  • bacterial contamination is the fourth leading cause of death from transfusion
  • studies have demonstrated that 1 /1.412 platelet concentrates are contaminated with bacteria
  • new emerging infectious diseases are spreading, due to global travel and climate change
  • this is causing a sharp increase in travel related deferrals, reduces donor retention and has a negative impact on the continuity of the blood supply
  • major nations in Europe have recently taken action, France is the most recent country to act, opting for the nation-wide implementation of pathogen inactivation to control the transmission of bacterial infections through transfusion
  • starting in 2018, Germany will begin allocating reimbursement for pathogen inactivated platelets
  • today, already 40% of all platelet concentrates in Europe undergo either bacterial screening or pathogen inactivation
  • the INTERCEPTTM Triple Storage Processing Set offers new opportunities to integrate pathogen inactivation in your existing platelet production processes and can help you in bringing pathogen inactivation within your financial reach

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